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For your reference, you can also download diagrams of parts for the various Tristar/Compact models


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Tristar MG1/MG2/CS/A101a-z - (years 2003 - current)

MG1/MG2/CS Canister

Tristar MG1, MG2 Canister Parts

MG1/MG2/CS Power Brush

Tristar MG1, MG2 Power BrushParts

MG1/MG2/CS Electric Hose

Tristar MG1, MG2 Electric Hose

MG1/MG2/CS Accessories

Tristar MG1, MG2 Accessories Parts

MG1/MG2/CS Caster Replacement

Tristar MG2 Caster Replacement


Tristar EXL/A101 (years 1999 - 2002)

EXL Canister

Tristar EXL Parts

EXL Canister (Parts 70718 & 70763)

Tristar EXL Parts

EXL Electric hose

EXL Electic Hose

EXL Accessories

Tristar EXL Accessories

EXL Power Brush

Tristar EXL Parts


Compact/Tristar EX20/CXL/DXL - (years 1946 - 1998)

Compact/EX20 Canister/Hose Assembly

Compact/EX20 Canister Parts

Compact/Tristar/EX20 Turbobrush 2-101-Geared-2-102-Smooth

Compact/EX20 Powerhead Parts

Compact/EX20 Hose & Accessories

Compact/EX20 Accessories


ProStar Handle Assembly

Prostar Handle Assembly Parts

ProStar Tank Assembly

ProStar Tank Assembly Parts

ProStar Hood & Base Assembly

ProStar Hood & Base Parts

ProStar Cordwinder Assembly

ProStar Cordwinder Assembly Parts