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Maintenance Discount Bags & Filters Program

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Do you need Paper Bags, Filter or Parts?

Bags and Filters are included at a discount in the Maintenance Package described below.

Additionally on this order you will receive 20% off and FREE shipping on all parts at checkout.

SAVE MONEY: UP TO 40% OFF on your Tristar Paper Bags and Filters and 20% OFF on all parts and 50% off on selected accessories from this website when enrolling in our Autoship program. A 20% discount will be applied at checkout on all parts ordered with this order and the Parts will ship at no additional shipping charge.   



To make your life easier, we offer a “Maintenance AutoShip” which is a subscription free auto-delivery program to ensure that you always have an ample supply of the CORRECT Paper Bags and Filters to protect your Tristar investment. By placing your supplies on AutoShip you will receive a fresh supply automatically Once Per Year on your anniversary date, which is according to the recommended usage, or on any shipping schedule you choose by simply calling us. Your credit card will automatically be charged at the time of shipment saving you the inconvenience of reordering or running out unexpectedly.

There is NO enrollment fee and you may cancel, pause, or adjust your Autoship at any time, hassle free, by simply calling us at 1-800-823-8304.

Please notify us of address or credit card information changes to avoid any interruption in this service.

***The manufacturer suggests replacing your paper bags monthly (Based on once per week usage), -and NOT Reusing them, your motor filter annually and the after filter every 6 paper bag changing’s. If you do not replace these with TRISTAR CORRECT Bags and Filters and at the recommended time, it can cause your Tri Star to overheat and reduce its filtering, airflow and life expectancy. This will hamper its cleaning abilities.

Using other than “Tristar” replacement paper bags may not allow proper airflow and can cause serious damage to your machine. Always look for the “Tristar” logo printed on the outside of each bag.

EXL-MG-CS Models A101 a-z (1999 to current)

Paper Bag (Replace Monthly)
Motor Filter (Replace Annually)

After Filter (Replace Every 6 Months)

EX20-CXL-DXL (1988-1998)- Same as above but After Filter is replaced with Filter Fresh Filters below:

Once you enroll in this Auto Delivery Maintenance Package, you will also be eligible for a 20% or greater discount on all parts and accessories from this website while your annual autoship is active.

You may cancel or modify this program at any time and there is NO ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEE.

PRICE INCLUDES: shipping and handling, tax if applicable will be added at checkout. (Letter of instructions included) This package will be automatically sent once per year on your anniversary date or can be modified by phoning us. We will use your original form of payment on file each year unless you notify us differently. Please notify us of address or credit card information changes to avoid any interruption in this service. You may cancel this program at any time and return to regular pricing by phoning us.

You can also contact us for more information at 800-823-8304.

Please Note: A discount will be automatically applied at checkout, reducing your price to $56.69. Additionally all parts added to this order will receive a 20% discount and FREE shipping.

EXL-MG-CS Models A101 a-z (1999 to current)

12-Paper Bags – $16.95—Regular Price $21.95

1-Motor Filter- $3.59—– Regular Price $6.95

2-After Filters – $24.95— Regular Price $39.95

Total $56.69 includes shipping


12-Paper Bags – $16.95—Regular Price $21.95

1-Motor Filter- $3.59—Regular Price $6.95

2 Pack Filter Fresh Filters – $24.95—Regular Price $39.95

Total $56.69 includes shipping

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