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#S105R-ProStar Carpet Shampooer


Add years to your investment with the ProStar shampooer and floor polisher.

Floors and carpets stay young longer when there clean; it’s that simple.

Convenient, streamlined and easy to use, the ProStar features a balanced triple-brush system to beautifully shampoo and naplift carpets and wax and polish floors with an additional accessory.

The ProStar can also assist in creating a healthy home environment by adding Allergy Relief & Odor Neutralizer and Dust Mite and Flea Control when shampooing your carpets.

Autoship customers, please contact us at 800-823-8304 to apply special discount price.

Factory authorized distributor for Tristar vacuum bags, filters and parts for Tristar vacuum cleaner models: MG1, MG2, CS, A101 a-z, EXL, A101, EX20, CXL, DXL

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