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Dear Prospective Customer:

Over the past 60 years millions of families have invested in a Compact/Tri Star cleaning system.

Just like you, these people faced the question, “Should we spend the money”?

We would therefore like to share these testimonials with you and we hope they help you make that decision.

Since there are far too many testimonials to list them all, we have taken the liberty to give you a sample of a couple in each of these four categories;


Will the Tri Star help preserve my carpets and furnishings and enhance the appearance of my home?
Will the Tri Star create a healthier environment for my family?
Will the company stand behind the product?
Will the Tri Star last and is it worth the money?


Category 1: Will the Tri Star help preserve my carpets and furnishings and enhance the appearance of my home?

Carpet & Supply

We have used the Tri Star Cleaning System in our home and Business for 34 years now. We would recommend this machine as the best machine to fit all cleaning and vacuuming needs. I have come in contact with many machines through the years but have always returned back to my Tri Star.

I welcome the opportunity to share my recommendation for this cleaning system; this is truly a magnificent machine. We have three machines and they are all in service, this is a machine that just does not die. It is not a machine that you have to baby, it is durable and rugged, and really takes abuse. The Tri Star is tough enough to clean up after that construction job and gentle enough to take care of a home. We have used it in every imaginable cleaning situation.

My motto is I am not satisfied until the customer is satisfied. Never would I put my seal of approval on a product unless I was totally satisfied, that would jeopardize your trust in me as a business person. I whole heartily indorse the Tri Star Cleaning System, and we were so pleased with the service and quick attention we received from our local Tri Star distributor.

The best thing of all is that the Tri Star is made in the U.S.A.

M.R. Chapman, Owner

Dear Tri Star,

Just a note to say thanks and to tell you of my satisfaction with my Tri Star Cleaning System.

I’ve gone through 5 different brands of cleaners but this system is truly amazing with its cleaning power. I have a family of six and I’ll tell you there is a lot of traffic in and out of our home with four children and their and their friends, but the outstanding performance of our Tri Star has helped maintain our carpet upstairs and downstairs so well, that neighbors come to our home and compliment us on how well our carpet looks compared to theirs.

I’m truly convinced that your product is the best quality product in a vacuum cleaner anybody could own. I was skeptical at first but I have been convinced over and over again.

Thank you very much for providing a quality product and great service.

The Rodriguez Family

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Category 2: Will the Tri Star create a healthier environment for my family?

Cosmetic Surgery Center

Dear Scott:

I am sending you this letter to compliment you on your wonderful vacuum cleaner/system you sold this office for both the doctor’s home and his office.

As you know Doctor suffers from severe asthma. Whenever we vacuumed the office (which we do daily) in the past, he seemed to be worse for a few hours and we could see particles actually in the air (through a sunlight window) after we had vacuumed the premises. It became so bad for him to breathe after we had vacuumed, that we had to resort to cleaning only when he was off premises.

With the Tri Star Cleaning System, we can vacuum around him as he sits at his desk. We also cannot believe what we capture in the Tri Star’s bag after vacuuming this allegedly spotless office. It is amazing. At his home, the doctor has cats, in spite of his asthma. After vacuuming his home, we usually have picked up so much cat hair that we could create another cat from what is in the bag!

Doctor has white carpeting throughout his home and it looks spotless. After vacuuming with the Tri Star System, we know that it not only looks clean but it really is clean!

Thank you for all your time and effort in helping us in this matter!

Very Sincerely,

Jo-Anna M.

Dear Tri Star,

I wanted to thank you so much for coming out to my house and showing me this incredibly great cleaner. Before I had the Tri Star I was actually suffering in my own home due to allergies against house dust & cats. I am now off my allergy medication and now can get more involved with my position for “The Cat & Kitten Rescue”

I now house 15 cats in my own home and living great, breathing clearly. I couldn’t have done it without you.



Anastasia F.

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Category 3: Will the company stand behind the product?

Major Airline Company

Dear Ed,

Just a brief note to say thanks for the excellent service your company has given this airline during the past year.

Since our airline switched to your improved airline compatible cycle motor, the need for costly repairs has virtually been eliminated.

None of the twenty vacuums purchased during the year have needed repairs. Also many of the cabin cleaners have stated that your vacuum is more effective in picking up food debris and has more power.

Thanks Again.


Jim B
Manager, Cabin Cleaning & Supply

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Category 4: Will the Tri Star last and is it worth the money?

Dear Customer Service,

Several years ago I wrote to tell you about my wonderful COMPACT vacuum cleaner. I recall with pleasure your letter to me and I want you and your company to have this follow up testimonial to my 25 year old Compact vacuum cleaner.

Three years ago I came to Alabama to teach and once again we had to rent out our log house in the country. When we left the farm I put our old COMPACT in the barn. It was all scarred up and the family was rather ashamed of it. They agreed to buy a new vacuum, one of the best brands but far less expensive than the Compact.

To continue my story, the “best name brand” went bad in its second year, despite the loving care which I give to all our appliances. Furthermore, it was from the beginning in no way comparable to the COMPACT. I felt like someone who has traded in his eight cylinder automobile for a four cylinder one.

This summer we returned to the farm after our tenants had moved. The house was a mess, but I had not brought the vacuum with me. I remembered the old COMPACT which I had put in the barn. We brought it out, dusted it off and proceeded to vacuum the entire house. Afterwards we put it to work cleaning the soot out of the smokestack. The vacuum did not miss a moment of operating efficiently in the six hours that we kept it busy. This was the same vacuum which had vacuumed the shavings from sanded logs every day for a year while we were building our house. It is now 25 years old and somewhat shabby looking, but it is still better than any new one of another brand that I could buy today.

I want your company to share my pride in a product that is manufactured to last because it has quality to begin with. I sell every friend I have on your product, and though they complain of the initial price, they are forever pleased with one of the few American made products which are truly fine in every way. Though my old vacuum is scarred and battered, I prefer it to any other.

Mrs. Lynn B

Recently, I had made an appointment with a representative of a company who was demonstrating a product that would keep a house cleaner and more dust free. As “Chuck” talked about this great system, he took it out of the box and I immediately said, “MY SWEEPER!” I told him I’d had mine for 25 to 30 years, and I loved it! I’d never give it up. I didn’t take the best care of it, but it was still better than any other I’d used.

For the past five years, I’ve been doing house cleaning as an occupation. My “sweeper” was better than any of the many different types I used.

Well I now have a new Tri Star Cleaning System. But only because it has been up-dated and is even better than my old one. But I still will never have any cleaning system but Tri Star. With all its power, it is lightweight, compact, and easy to use. It makes cleaning a pleasure!

Shirley B.

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IMPORTANT information concerning the Limited Warranty provided by the manufacturer. (For exact verbiage please consult your owner manual)

IMPORTANT: The limited warranty ONLY applies to a Tri Star purchased from an authorized Tri Star distributor. Tri Star Enterprises does not provide any limited warranty on a Tri Star purchased from anyone other than an authorized Tri Star distributor. TSE also does not provide any limited warranty on any Tri Star purchased from an INTERNET site or through the mail. In addition, this limited warranty does not apply to any unit as to which the serial number has been altered, defaced, or removed, or which has not been operated or maintained in accordance with its instruction manual.

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